Saif Sporting Club Limited will foster the growth and development of football clubs throughout Bangladesh to create the best possible development environment for players of all ages in every club.

The mission of Saif Sporting Club Limited is to develop high quality football players, teams and coaches with a specific emphasis on the physical, technical, tactical, psychological and social elements of the game while participating at the highest levels nationally and internationally.

The mission of Saif Sporting Club Limited is to provide high level coaching to nurture and develop local talent through a technical and tactical training program combined with game competition at the highest level.


Our vision is to continue to be recognized as one of the top club in Bangladesh advancing our players to their next level of football success and to continue to complete and win National and International Championships. Saif sporting Club Limited will be the finest football club in Asia and an integral part of Bangladesh National Team success.

We aim to recognize as the model program for youth football players in Bangladesh to fully develop as a football player and be capable of reaching the Bangladesh National Teams and Foreign Club Teams.